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HelpDesk & Downloads

Help Desk


HelpDesk & Downloads

Help Desk

SUBMIT A PRODUCT Or Service issue

Select the icon to submit a new issue for our review or reach us by phone at 561-314-7222.

SUBMIT An edgeMED software change request

Select the icon to submit a request to make a change or enhancement to the edgeMED software. 

Premium remote support

Select the icon to connect to your software support session.

Internet Speed Test

Select the icon to run a speed test to accurately determine your Internet upload/download and latency rates.


We are constantly pushing ourselves to get better and hope you continue to push us too. Select the icon to share with us how we are doing and what we can do to improve your edgeMED experience.

Secure Connectivity software

Select the icon to download the secure connectivity software for edgeMED practice management. Instructions are below so you may easily install edgeMED without any additional assistance needed. 

Password to open the instructions page: #install