Telehealth Virtual Care Management | Live Patient To Physician Consultations




Telehealth Virtual Care Management | Live Patient To Physician Consultations



TeleHealth Virtual care

America needs more efficient and affordable means to continue to deliver quality care. edgeMED's telemedicine solution provides a platform that can be tailored to medical organization's or health system’s needs.

Designed to mimic a physical clinic workflow and provide a complete feature-set to support a virtual visit, the edgeMED Telehealth platform has everything you need to virtualize your medical center.

Deliver telemedicine to patients to provide convenient access to care while also driving your revenue. With edgeMED’s telemedicine solution, providers can capture up to 35% more revenue while increasing patient satisfaction.

telemedicine technology

You provide the care. We provide the technology.

Our healthcare system requires continuous innovation to ensure high quality, convenient and affordable care to satisfy demand by a growing population. edgeMED's telemedicine platform is a new innovative solution to help providers launch telehealth programs in order to serve their patients better and more efficiently.

Our technology is a cloud-based telemedicine platform offered as a SaaS solution that connects patients directly with their health care providers. edgeMED TeleHealth helps health care providers increase and extend access to care, while aligning patient needs with the most appropriate and cost effective provider.

edgeMED's telemedicine platform allows patients to access care, no matter the time of day, nor distance to their provider. Consultations are delivered via our HIPAA compliant and encrypted live video, audio and messaging platform. Further, edgeMED TeleHealth can be accessed via smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers or other Internet enabled devices. No special hardware is required for the patient or the provider.  Its all in our cloud based software!

The edgeMED cloud-software enables healthcare providers to connect directly with patients needing time-sensitive consultations and follow-up medical visits. edgeMED TeleHealth can also facilitate physician-to-physician consultations when additional expertise is required and can create virtual medical clinics enabled by smart-devices deployed with diagnostic peripherals.

The edgeMED TeleHealth telemedicine platform is also supported by an administrative application that allows healthcare providers and your administrative personnel to easily manage their responsibilities for scheduling and delivering care.

Telemedicine multiple device platforms

Multiple Device Support with HIPAA Compliance

Allowing patients to access care, no matter the time of day, nor distance to their provider, consultations using edgeMED TeleHealth are delivered via our HIPAA compliant and encrypted live video, audio and messaging platform. 

Plus, edgeMED TeleHealth can be accessed via smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers or other Internet enabled devices. No special hardware is required for the patient or the provider.  It's all in our cloud-based software!

Telemedicine that's easy for patients and providers

easy for both patient and provider

edgeMED TeleHealth provides both individual and family health accounts with individual profiles for each member of the family including a personal health record, medical history, consultation history and other health record resources. Providers can access patient health information during a consultation, prescribe pharmaceutical products instantly, and rapidly record each patient encounter with a refined consultation report. Our system was built for ease of use by patient and provider alike.

Telemedicine connected tools for easy communication

Comprehensive Connected Care

  • Use USB/Bluetooth medical devices

  • Screen sharing in-consult

  • File sharing between users

  • Real time insurance verification

  • Consent to treat form

  • HD quality video

  • In-consult patient-to-clinician text chat

  • Clinician-to-clinician instant message

  • eCommerce: collect visit fee

edgeMED Cloud TeleHealth Workflows

Exceptional User Experience. Exceptional Workflows.

The edgeMED TeleHealth platform enables more efficient interaction between healthcare providers and patients with advanced scheduling capabilities, rules-based workflows and single sign-on capabilities, simplifying and empowering the provider and administrator digital workflow experience.

Access the below experience to see how our features can help reduce administrative time while enhancing the clinical experience.

telemedicine physician view for easy collaboration



telemedicine user experience is easy



administrator telemedicine access




Telehealth Solution

Telehealth Features

Telehealth Solution

Telehealth Features

Complete point of care

We know how important integration is to achieving the promise of digital health. That’s why our edgeMED TeleHealth platform delivers all the features and functions needed for a true point-of-care solution, with a system architecture that can be integrated to work seamlessly with your existing, and future, systems. 

The platform’s single, intuitive interface enables an efficient, effective, easy-to-use virtual visit for both patient and provider. Designed and built for easy integration from day one, our solution is open, scalable and built for long-term success.

Healthcare today requires systems, technologies, and organizations to work together to provide optimal care and effective coordination. Our telemedicine platform was purpose-built with the modern healthcare ecosystem in mind, with our full platform accessible via open APIs so that it can nimbly integrate into existing systems.

edgeMED Cloud TeleHealth Features

edgeMED Cloud TeleHealth


Our telemedicine platform presents healthcare providers with a powerful enterprise-level tool that eliminates the heavy burden of maintaining a locally installed native system while delivering all the benefits and security of cloud computing.

As a cloud-based SaaS solution, we deliver cost-efficient licensing, platform access from anywhere, redundant backup and recovery systems, the highest level of datacenter security and automatic software upgrades, as well as the ability to rapidly scale to meet the needs of any size organization.

We get you ready with a complete, turnkey virtual clinic integrated with all the features and functions you need to practice any form of medicine suitable for virtual care. 

edgeMED Cloud TeleHealth Security


Our network, hardware and software are HIPAA and HITECH compliant. Data in transit is encrypted using 128-bit SSL and utilizing hashing techniques for protection of sensitive data. We additionally utilize AES encryption at the database layer to ensure that all sensitive data at rest is secured. End-to-end video feed security is ensured with AES-128 encryption and leverages Cryptographic Security Kernel, or CSK. Our technology is housed at a SSAE 16 SOC I Type II, PCI, HIPAA and HITECH compliant data center with multiple database servers (Microsoft SQL), web servers, load balancing technology and firewall with IPS.

edgeMED Cloud TeleHealth API

Open API / SDK

A robust set of API and SDK libraries are available to provide integration with third-party systems or development of complementary applications, providing access to over 90% of our system functionality.


Telemedicine Payment & Coverage | Comprehensive Connected Care

State Coverage

Telemedicine Payment & Coverage | Comprehensive Connected Care

State Coverage

How does your state compare?

Payment and coverage for services delivered via telemedicine are one of the biggest challenges for telemedicine adoption.  Patients and health care providers may encounter a patchwork of arbitrary insurance requirements and disparate payment streams that do not allow them to fully take advantage of telemedicine. 


state-by-state comparison of telemedicine policy and reimbursement

The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) has captured the complex policy landscape of 50 states with 50 different telemedicine policies and translated this information into an easy to use format.

Download the 2019 State Telemedicine report that extracts and compares telemedicine coverage and reimbursement standards for every state in the U.S. ultimately leaving each state with two questions:

  • “How does my state compare regarding policies that promote telemedicine adoption?"

  • “What should my state do to improve policies that promote telemedicine adoption?"