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Our integrated electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) system combines powerful clinical, financial and analytics technology with customizable features so providers and administrators can document encounters, bill and report the way that works best for them. We deliver smarter solutions for smarter healthcare.

EHR Desktop and Mobile

EHR Suite

Electronic Health Record

Using our electronic health record software (EHR), practice management and interoperability solution, you can improve care, reduces errors and simplify business processes.  With information at your fingertips, time spent with patients is more productive and is coded and billed effortlessly.

What We Deliver

Our cloud-based EHR/PM is used by thousands of providers to improve care coordination, quality, cost-efficiency and satisfaction across physician practices, clinics and health systems nationwide, resulting in smarter solutions for smarter healthcare.

ACO Ready

Delivering advanced IT to meet emerging care models, such as Accountable Care Organizations, and improve community health, our integrated EHR/PM solution helps providers of all types come together to provide coordinated, efficient and effective accountable care.

Improve Results 

Physicians, nurses and other medical professionals are crucial members of the software development team. Their combined experiences and recommendations power our EHR functionality and the result is a product that providers actually use… and use well.



With mobile access, have anytime, anywhere access to the information you need most from a patient's EHR. It's just a simple download away - from the Apple App Store for iPad and iPhone, the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets or the Windows marketplace for Windows-based phones.

EHR iPad

Online access to health records


Enhance your physician-patient relationships and offer self-service options in place of an office visit or phone call with our easy to use patient portal. Convenient services include appointment scheduling, preregistration, refill requests, bill pay and access to your own personal health record (PHR) from virtually any location. Plus, patients can control and choose who to securely share information with…from their family members to trusted caregivers.

Patient Portal delivers a number of convenient and secure online communication capabilities that increase patient engagement and satisfaction while enhancing the practice’s productivity.



As consumer choice becomes an increasingly powerful force in the healthcare marketplace, it’s important to cultivate a stronger provider-patient relationship.

  • Appointments: Send information for scheduled appointments.

  • Recalls: Remind patients to schedule future appointments.

  • Labs: Inform patients of lab results.

  • No-shows: Notify patients of missed appointments.

  • Prescriptions: Notify patients when a prescription has been sent to the pharmacy.

  • Birthdays: Send birthday messages to patients based on age and/or sex.

Show patients that your care stretches beyond the office door. Automating communications, Link enables you to stay in touch with patients throughout the year. Improve care, communication, satisfaction, retention and revenue, all without creating extra work for your staff.

community analytics


Community provides the data necessary for value-based program participation and financial and clinical performance measurement at the enterprise, practice, provider and patient level. Community’s three components - Community Analytics, Community Manager and Exchange - work with EHRs, practice management (PM) systems and health data registries to gather and analyze the data you need to care for patients and communities.

Community components:

  • Analytics is a visual analytics platform with accompanying physician dashboard that aggregates data from a clinical and financial data warehouse and gives you real-time visibility into key performance metrics including HEDIS measures and ACO measures.

  • Community Manager is a care management platform that allows you to manage care coordination staff workflow and intervene in patient care at the right time and place to optimize patient outcomes.

  • Exchange is a cloud-based clinical connectivity platform that enables providers to share clinical information between practices for a complete and current picture of an individual patient’s or whole population’s health.

Improving population health is a big goal, but Community makes Population Health Management possible for practices of any size.



Sharing is caring..... with our interoperability engine that allows seamless data exchange between your practice, other practices and the entire healthcare and stakeholder community, including ACOs and PCMHs.

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