IT Management Simplified

 edgeCARE provides deep insight into your IT environment so we can provide and discuss all kinds of data with you, including how you can safeguard your assets, ways to improve your network efficiency, and what we can do to protect your bottom line


  • Customizable and branded reports allow us to verify system health and address any productivity concerns.

  • Reports can be scheduled for electronic delivery choosing from output formats including PDF, CSV, Excel, XML, TIFF and HTML.

While these represent just a few of the reports we can deliver with edgeCARE, some report samples include: 

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Executive Summary

Provides an overview of one or more sites, describing the current health of your devices and displays a snapshot of activity during the reporting period.

  • Server, Workstation, Tablet Health
    Displays the health and performance of devices to identify if remedial activity is required before a critical server or workstation fails.

  • Software Inventory
    Provides a summary or detail of all applications on each workstation, including operating system detail and hotfixes.