Patient Portal

The secret to a successful practice? Engaging your patients.

Patient engagement is more than an exam room conversation - it’s a partnership. Engaging with your patients gives you the opportunity to increase patient loyalty, meet value-based and pay-for-performance incentive goals and achieve better clinical outcomes at lower costs. With our secure web portal, your patients have easy to use, yet powerful tools so that they can communicate with your practice and contribute to their own personal health record (PHR) to coordinate care across their providers.

patient portal

Empowering patients

Patients have a choice in providers, and are increasingly playing a more active role as healthcare consumers. 

  • Enables secure and confidential dialogue between the patient and clinician or staff, including reporting of lab results, physician comments, and follow-up instructions.

  • Patient Portal empowers patients to be more accountable to - and exercise more control over - their own health. Microsoft HealthVault integration lets patients build an increasingly detailed and long-term health history that can be shared with family and a trusted network of caregivers.

  • Staff can receive, review and organize information well in advance of a visit, decreasing wait time and increasing patient satisfaction while freeing up time to see additional patients.

  • Health history integration enables a patient to log in and fill out health history forms that you can customize to suit your practice. Once submitted, information is delivered seamlessly into Prime Suite’s task list, where office staff can review and update the data prior to the patient’s arrival, saving valuable time and effort.

  • Patients can submit appointment requests online - including the reason for their visit and a preferred day and time - and receive confirmation through the practice task list in the electronic health record.

  • “Ask A Doctor”/ “Ask A Nurse” feature allows patients to get answers to their non-emergency heath and wellness questions while cutting down on staff phone time.

EHR patient Portal for your medical practice

The Right Stuff

Patient Portal helps practices meet meaningful use criteria by supporting PHR adoption, patient-initiated electronic scheduling, pre-registration, prescription refills, online bill pay and educational assistance.