MOBILE connectivity

With access anytime, anywhere, our mobile solution for Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices puts the power of comprehensive patient data into the hands of physicians and affiliated clinicians wherever and whenever data is needed. The solution supports timely, informed care decisions and charge capture even after-hours, regardless of location.

EHR patient portal functions
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Improve and accelerate care

Thanks to convenient on-the-go access, patient care decisions aren’t delayed until you’re in the office. Effectively handle after-hours calls armed with the latest patient data.

  • Create notes

  • View facesheets, patient documents, recent patients list

  • Import photos to patient charts

  • View inbound charges

  • Add new charges

  • Edit existing charges

  • Search for patients

  • Add new patients

healthcare costs

Reduce costs

Instantly route captured charges and notes for automated review and posting. By eliminating manual charge entry, you increase the number of charges billed during rounds and accelerate billing cycle completion.

healthcare cash flow

Increase revenue and cash flow

Speed and improve reimbursement by reducing the number of lost and missed charges, and eliminating errors related to paper-based charges and handwritten notes. 

clinical quality

Succeed in clinical quality programs

Meet requirements for value-based programs such as meaningful use, accountable care and the patient-centered medical home.

EHR for mobile devices

Download today

Just a download away - from the Apple App Store for iOS devices, Google Play for Android devices, or the Windows Store for Windows devices.