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Cloud Based Health Practice Management Software | Medical Practice Management Systems

Practice Management


Cloud Based Health Practice Management Software | Medical Practice Management Systems

Practice Management

edgeMED Practice Management Software



Our cloud-based practice management software and data reside in data centers that are maintained with the ultimate security and compliance standards. As an alternative, our healthcare software can be delivered as an on-premise model with the data residing on a server on your premise.


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Easily identify issues, track collection activity and streamline your workflow with our powerful enterprise practice management software. Our intuitive, cloud-based application and powerful reporting empower your choices and assist your future planning with instant access to vital information.



Our smart, cloud-based practice management software means no servers to set up so you won’t need a big up-front investment and your organization is trained and quickly operational. Software updates are free and automatic for everyone on the network without disruption.

medical analytics reporting engine


Take the headache and speculation out of budgeting, forecasting and decision-making with on-demand access to critical business decision tools.

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Our insightful system presents easy-to-use dropdown menus that can analyze every element of data stored in the system and can be exported in multiple formats (PDF, CSV, XLS) to ensure that you always have the tools you need to monitor and optimize your business for maximum returns.

edgeMED’s customizable solution allows large physician groups to get detailed analytics across multiple locations. You’ll have the ability to get an overview of the entire enterprise’s performance or break down data to see individual practice and physician numbers.

Verify medical insurance benefits within billing software

ELIGIBILITY Verification

Get a complete view of your patients and make managing their health simple. With edgeMED’s cloud-based patient management software, verifying patient medical insurance eligibility is simple. You can check patient eligibility status electronically prior to an appointment and eligibility checks can be performed individually or in batches by date range, giving you the ability to confirm their eligibility in advance without doing any extra work. With edgeMED's eligibility verification system, you can easily and effortlessly reduce denials and follow-up calls.

patient scheduling from practice management software


Turn your front office into an efficient team with an easy-to-use colorful scheduler with integrated eligibility verification. Weekly and monthly views, double-booking functionality, check-in/out, assigning multiple resources to a visit, along with a patient appointment confirmation utility, are just some of the features that make using edgeMED's appointment scheduler an easy and efficient tool for your front office.

credit card integration

Credit Card Payment Processing

Credit and debit card processing helps you get paid faster and reduce collection costs. You can swipe a payment card or enter in payment card information within edgeMED for automatic payment posting. By processing payment cards directly from edgeMED, you will increase patient collections and eliminate double-keying information for greater efficiency.

Medical Claims Scrubber and coding database

Advanced CLinical editing

edgeMED's Clinical Editing provides real-time claims editing capabilities that are embedded within your workflow so that you can review and edit claims before payer submission. The result is reduced claim denials that necessitate rework and increased collections that improve cash flow.

  • Provides superior clinical editing features, integrated into the existing claims management workflow.

  • Streamline claims editing with the power of an extensive knowledge base of over 80 million coding relationships, including both Medicare and commercial coding.

  • Reduce days in A/R by checking for errors up-front and pre-screening claims — you can submit cleaner claims the first time and speed payment.

  • Decrease rejections and denials by catching them at the least costly point — before they leave your business.

edgeMED is focused on providing you the most timely and accurate payments that technology can deliver.

automated medical claims submission


Connected to thousands of payers nationwide, our HIPAA compliant electronic claims system gives you the opportunity to easily accelerate insurance reimbursement and get paid faster.

automatic medical claims posting


Dramatically reduce the cost and labor involved in receiving and posting payments and get more accomplished with electronic claims remittance.

By receiving the explanation-of-benefits reports electronically, you can increase collection speed and efficiency. Plus, with edgeMED’s ability to automatically uncover underpayments based upon your payer contracts, you can guarantee you are being paid appropriately and in full.

Easily create medical patient statement


Easily print patient statements or have them electronically delivered to your patients. With our electronic statement service, we take the hassles of patient billing out of your hands. Easy-to-read bills and statements improve patient collection and speed recovery of amounts owed with online payment capabilities.

Professional and Facility Billing Software


Flexibility to expand with your organization and accommodate billing both Professional and Institutional claims.

Scan and store documents within medical software


Securely store and share documents electronically while eliminating redundant work.

Account Receivables Collections Dashboard


Give your practice a big boost in collections productivity and financial performance with patient and payer collection work lists and automated follow-up tasks.

edgeMED’s sophisticated engine is designed to streamline back-office tasks by generating automated responses for events like claim denials, resubmissions and claim updates. Claims can be assigned to a specific collector by criteria, such as payer or status.

patient messaging

Patient messaging

Automate all your outbound customer messages by creating and sending personalized messages via phone, text and email, even Twitter!

data interoperability options


edgeMED is connected with over 15 Electronic Health Record systems and our library of connections continues to grow.



edgeMED is committed to continually enhancing our software platform and maintaining compliance with government regulations so you can continue to thrive. All software updates are free and automatic for everyone on the network without disruption.

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Connect with an edgeMED expert to discuss how to identify issues, track collection activity and streamline your workflow with our powerful practice management software.

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Medical Practice Management Application | Actionable Intelligence for Healthcare

Business Intelligence

Medical Practice Management Application | Actionable Intelligence for Healthcare

Business Intelligence


Using edgeMED's Practice Management application, you can enjoy the powerful flexibility of our business intelligence tools to increase your profitability. With the continued and seemingly never ending pressures on provider reimbursements, enhanced analytics have become a necessary instrument toward a more financially stable, predictable and profitable practice. Our financial analytic tools will help your practice dig deeper to analyze cost and profitability by profit centers, monitor contract under and over payments and investigate new revenue opportunities.

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edgeMED delivers all types of analysis reports and business performance management tools. Your data is automatically calculated, analyzed and available online, anytime from anywhere. 

Our unique business intelligence and performance management platform keeps you up to date and in control with turnkey analysis that provides immediate information.

Uncover and act on key medical practice data

 Actionable Intelligence

edgeMED automatically collects data and then measures, analyzes and monitors the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that have the greatest impact on your revenue cycle. These KPIs are presented as a dashboard comprised of interactive charts, graphs and gauges. Displaying information graphically provides actionable business intelligence in a format that is both intuitive and insightful.

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  • Executive dashboards

  • Business intelligence and performance management tools

  • On-demand revenue cycle analysis reports

  • Medical billing customer reports

  • KPI benchmarking

  • Enterprise reports with aggregate data

  • Physician productivity and compensation reports

  • E&M utilization bell curve analysis

  • Decision support scorecard

healthcare analytics


Scorecards offer a cumulative daily performance snapshot of the entire revenue cycle including payer contracts and productivity. They provide the overall view management needs to identify trends, variance against goals and opportunities.

The key performance indicators selected for the scorecard are a summary of several metrics calculated daily and include Actual, Goal, Percent of Goal, Percent of Goal Month to Date and Trend. Status indicators and trending arrows let you see immediately how your revenue cycle is performing. Status indicators are color coded to denote performance levels: red is poor, yellow is below target, green is on target and blue signifies above target. By clicking on any of the indicators or arrows users can drill through to related charts all the way to source information.

Practice Scorecard

Scorecards create a common language, focus and understanding because everyone is looking at the same data. They drive results by keeping your organization focused on enterprise-wide objectives. Scorecards monitor real world execution and map results of that execution back to a specific strategy. This ensures operational processes are supporting the organizations’ strategic financial goals.

Our decision support tools and alerts immediately direct your focus to underperforming areas, eliminating guesswork. Decision Support Scorecards display the status of every KPI, sorted by best and worst performance. Filter by practice, service location, physician, payer, financial class, CPT code group or specialty, then drill down to details.

Effortless medical report generation


You spend way too much time using Excel to gather and aggregate data into reports. Providers complain that they are working more than others and you don't have a quick or easy way of showing them how they compare to their peers.  We have the solution with our automated provider productivity reports.

Automatically send a scheduled monthly dashboard report via email to providers complete with productivity comparison charts and monthly projections using any number of metrics such as work RVU, gross charges, visit counts, new patients, days to bill, payments per visit plus many more.


Completely automates revenue cycle reporting, monitoring and analysis.

  • Daily, weekly and month-end reports get run automatically and e-mailed on a user-defined schedule.

  • Providers receive productivity reports, complete with comparative analysis by specialty, emailed to them automatically.

  • Administrators receive comprehensive dashboard reports with drill-down by provider, revenue category, financial class, etc.



How soon would you be alerted to a significant change in cash flow? Soon enough to act or react? Our Alerts Notification was designed to encourage timely decision making and eliminate crisis management. When performance levels change, warning alerts are automatically issued via email. At a glance, employees can see areas of exception, and are aware of concerns before they escalate.


  • Manage by exception to avoid crisis mode.

  • Creates an immediate “call to action.”

  • Aids users in decision-making.

  • Focusing on areas of exception reduces information overload.

Mobile device connections


Make informed decisions while on the go. Our mobile healthcare analytics provides convenient access to your practice's key performance indicators. Choose from multiple preset dashboards to get started quickly. Swipe and scroll through your list of user defined metrics per practice, location, provider, payer, procedures and much more. If you find an indicator that you would like to investigate, simply tap on the tile to analyze recent trends and comparatives with endless ad hoc filter scenarios. Designed with a powerful analytic workflow these dashboards provide a whole new level of interactivity and analysis capabilities.

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  • Scroll through KPI's to identify poor performance results.

  • View and compare last month's results against your goals and benchmarks.

  • View the current month to date values with projections for the month.

  • Drill down to isolate and further analyze metrics showing poor performance.

  • View and analyze trends with a multitude of filter scenarios.

  • Easy to setup and easy to use.

  • Works on any device or platform including Apple iOS, Android and Windows.

actionable medical practice data


edgeMED provides timely feedback that motivates employees, maintains workflow and keeps everyone focused on operations that directly impact the bottom line.

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  • Gain daily, insightful performance views of your most important processes.

  • Save a ton of time from manually compiling reports.

  • Monitor the results of initiatives with performance goals.

  • Provides real time, fact based decision support.

  • Automatic notifications when metrics are/aren't met.

  • Continuous monitoring of contract reimbursements.

  • Easily analyze revenue opportunities.

  • Quickly produce one-off reports for unique information requests.

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Connect with an edgeMED expert to discuss how to identify issues, track collection activity and streamline your workflow with our powerful practice management software.

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Expert Health Practice Management Implementation | Best In Class Service & Support


Expert Health Practice Management Implementation | Best In Class Service & Support


easy for you to grow

With no server hardware to purchase and no costly contracts, you can get started right away. With our expert implementation service, our practices are up and running on edgeMED in days.  We bring our nearly four decades of experience to your practice, resulting in positive outcomes. Reach out and get in touch with us. We’re here to help!

edgeMED Practice Management on Microsoft Surface Pro

fast ROI


Since our solutions are cloud-based, there is no hardware to buy, equipment to install or software license to manage, dramatically reducing cost of implementation. The low cost of implementation, decreased IT requirements and quick training will provide your organization with a much quicker return on investment than traditional client-side server systems.

one-on-one expert practice management training and support


Upon sign-up, practices are assigned a dedicated account manager. The account manager is available via phone or email and is responsible for facilitating the implementation of the system, coordinating on-site or online training, and answering any questions.

We pride ourselves on supplying best-in-class, US-based service and support. With dedicated account managers, fast response time and an expert team, our goal is to ensure the success of your practice.

happy customers from medical billing training


edgeMED’s implementation and support expertise will help you maximize your investment and realize the full benefit of your system, and more. Join the thousands of other successful practices that have selected edgeMED as their practice management partner.