PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is an important component to the payments environment in your medical organization. Understanding the requirements of PCI compliance can be complex and time consuming, with costly results for not maintaining compliance. edgeMED, in partnership with OpenEdge, is here to simplify these requirements for your business and make maintaining PCI compliance easier than ever.

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Part of the EdgeShield security bundle, the OpenEdge PCI ASSURE® program is customized to meet the needs of medical practices, simplifying the steps required to maintain compliance. The EdgeShield option eases compliance by:

  • Reducing the annual self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) down to just 24 questions (approximately 75% reduction in scope).

  • Eliminating the need for quarterly IP network vulnerability scans.

  • Providing an end-to-end encrypted solution.

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The PCI ASSURE® Program includes these critical tools:

Access to the PCI ASSURE® Merchant Portal

You have 24/7 access to our web-based portal that steps you through the requirements and the necessary Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). You'll be guided through the entire process online through the use of expert assistance and real-life examples.

Security Breach Reimbursement

Included in the PCI ASSURE® Program is a Breach Reimbursement Program that covers a merchant for up to $100,000 ($0 deductible) to pay for audits, fines or other expenses associated with a processing breach. Given the potential costs to a practice who experiences a breach, this coverage is a valuable component of the PCI ASSURE Program.

Quarterly IP Network Vulnerability Scans

While not required under the EdgeShield option, you have the ability to run vulnerability scans designed to find problems in your technology environment before they can be compromised. Easy-to-understand reports detail the results and instructions are provided to fix any identified issues.

Security Policy Builder

This online tool creates a set of custom security policies that are automatically generated based on the way you process payment cards, making it easy to comply with this PCI DSS requirement.

Toll Free Customer Support

Many PCI assistance programs leave you on your own to navigate your way through an online system of questions and decisions. With PCI ASSURE®, the PCI Service Team is always available to you, offering live assistance every step of the way. You're always just a phone call away from help.

About PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is when organizations, payment processors and payment application providers comply with all applicable Data Security Standards as published by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Is PCI Compliance required?

Yes. If you are a medical practice or service provider and accept credit cards you must validate PCI compliance at least annually. For practices using edgeMED, this will consist of annually completing a Self-Administered Questionnaire (significantly reduced in scope).

Where can I get more information about PCI Compliance?

The website of the PCI Security Council is the most comprehensive source of information: https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/index.shtml.

We’ve got you covered

Watch the short video to learn more about PCI compliance and how we can help your organization easily comply with its requirements.


Reach us at 800-774-6462, option 1, or select the button below to speak with a Customer Care representative about PCI compliance for your edgeMED environment.