Stronger connections. Better health.

As consumer choice becomes an increasingly powerful force in the healthcare marketplace, it’s important to cultivate a strong provider-patient relationship. edgeMED is committed to providing industry-leading solutions to best serve the needs of our customers and their patients. One of a rich array of solutions Link is designed to improve patient engagement, health outcomes and revenue for your organization. 

patient communication

Care with a personal touch

Today’s patients are consumers. They seek care for a variety of reasons, choose a provider, and pay the provider for those services. They want to receive excellent care, and they want a personal touch. Communication is a vital part of that personal touch. Link empowers providers to communicate with their patients the way patients desire - without extra work for practice staff.

From appointments to prescriptions, practices can send automated messages to patients in real time or as scheduled.  Patients have the flexibility to decide how the practice communicates with them - and they aren’t restricted to just one method. Plus, because Link offers two-way communications, patients can easily respond to messages.


Show patients that your care stretches beyond the office door. Link automates communications so you can stay in touch with patients throughout the year. Improve care, communication, satisfaction, retention and revenue - without creating extra work for your staff.

  • Appointments: Send information for scheduled appointments.

  • Birthdays: Send birthday messages to patients based on age and/or sex.

  • Labs: Inform patients of lab results.

  • No-Shows: Notify patients of missed appointments.

  • Prescriptions: Notify patients when a prescription has been sent to the pharmacy.

  • Recalls: Remind patients to schedule future appointments.

Here’s an example

  • A new patient calls and schedules an appointment. Within minutes, Link sends the patient a real-time confirmation via text that the patient can add to her smartphone calendar.

  • Because this patient is new, your practice creates a Link to send an email a few days later with information about the practice and the physician, how to find the practice’s page on Facebook, and what to expect at the first appointment.

  • Two days before the patient’s appointment, Link sends a reminder via text and voice, and driving directions via email.

  • During the appointment, you order some lab work for your patient. Once you’ve reviewed the results and marked them normal, the patient receives a text reporting the normal results.

  • The day after the appointment, the patient receives an email thanking her for choosing your practice.

With Link, all of this can be done without creating extra work for your staff. Once you create your Links, you don’t need to change your workflow.



Link seamlessly integrates to send links to your patients. A link schedules real-time and recurring interactions triggered by patient-related events in your EHR and practice management system. You decide when a Link is sent, what the Link contains, and how the link is delivered to patients.

In today’s connected world, patients expect a choice in how they receive communications. With Link, your patients can choose to receive Links in the format most convenient to them, including:

  • Email (even secure Email)

  • Text

  • Mobile app

  • Voice