A new path... Understandably, the transition to the Quality Payment Program, MACRA, might leave the majority of healthcare professionals concerned for their practice. The process of Medicare reimbursement has never been easy, and now there is a completely new system that providers must understand - as if your daily job responsibilities and caring for patients isn’t enough to consume your day. 

edgeMED is partnered with Mingle Analytics, the industry leader in Medicare quality reporting. Mingle’s expert team is focused on devising data-driven solutions to help healthcare providers improve care and lower costs.  With edgeMED and Mingle, you can ultimately transform practice operations to increase the joy and profitability in the practice of medicine. 


During the transition from PQRS to MIPS under MACRA, Medicare reporting doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In our E-Book, we'll:

  • Provide an overview of MACRA
  • Explain each component of the Quality Payment Program
  • Detail how you can succeed in each MIPS category
  • Help you prepare for future Medicare reporting success

You may also contact us for personalized MACRA consulting, reporting and training services.

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