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In today’s healthcare environment the loss of your administrative and clinical software system, and the hardware on which it runs, greatly impacts your ability to deliver patient care. In addition to pro-actively monitoring your computer network and devices 24/7, edgeMED can also protect your technology infrastructure and uptime with a hardware maintenance service plan.

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IT Support

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Our proven methodology for service and implementation mitigates change risk, eases transition and improves the continuity of patient care and workforce productivity.

We help clients:

  • Reduce annual hardware maintenance support costs by 15-20%.

  • Increase uptime and enhance staff productivity.

  • Improve technology support and delivery of patient care.

Our on-site technical services include examples such as:

  • Site consultation and inventory assessments.

  • Wireless network installation and support.

  • Network infrastructure support.

  • Deployments, installations and upgrades.

  • Hardware maintenance services.

  • Operating system upgrades.

  • Firewall support.

IT service and support


We offer a range of services that start as simple as a basic assessment to document the high points of the network, to a detailed audit which will provide granular information on the entire environment. Before you can resolve your network problems or prepare for the changes that competition demands, you need a thorough understanding of your organization's network environment.

What do I have?

We look at hardware configurations, operating systems, infrastructure components, as well as software licensing, so that problems can be identified and resolved before they impact your business.

Is it working well?

We evaluate your environment to determine if it is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. This provides a baseline that establishes typical operations and alerts you to impending problems.

Can it work better?

We provide complete documentation of your network environment, as well as make recommendations for improvements that may provide immediate benefit to the business bottom line. This allows you to make informed decisions towards optimizing your IT investment and to take proactive steps before trouble occurs.



edgeMED provides a holistic hardware service solution. If a failure event should occur, we restore and test your equipment to a pre-failure state. Unlike other IT vendors who simply replace hardware and leave, our field technicians are committed to providing clients with superior client support.

Should you wish to take a more pro-active approach, you can rely on us to monitor your network and uncover issues before they become business-disrupting problems, to manage your infrastructure, to provide you with a team of problem-solving IT engineers that is among the best in the industry.

Combining measureable advantages with instant IT cost savings, your edgeCARE support plan will decrease downtime and increase system uptime through availability monitoring, immediate remediation, and rigorous proactive maintenance and support.

With our affordable program, your organization benefits from:

  • Proactive, 24/7 monitoring of PCs, servers, switches, printers and business systems to resolve issues before they cause downtime.

  • Infrastructure maintenance and remote support service calls.

  • Managed vulnerability and security assessment.

  • Scheduled engineer service for proactive maintenance and system updates.

  • Reduced network ownership costs by minimizing system vulnerability and downtime.

  • Intuitive, informative and effective tools to maintain business continuity.