What is edgeCARE?

Your IT network is the backbone of your organization. But IT is not the focus of your organization… it's ours. At edgeMED, we deliver best-in-class, proactive IT services to healthcare practices and organizations like yours so you can focus on building your business, not managing your computer network.

edgeCARE is our comprehensive service that provides pro-active network/device monitoring, cloud AntiVirus, web content filtering, cloud data backup and recovery and more, and is designed not only to monitor and maintain all of the devices in your network, but to also focus on their security and productivity. We put our over 35 years of industry experience at your disposal to save you time – and money.


Whether a single provider organization or large health system, our edgeCARE managed IT service is an affordable and complete IT management solution. Provided through a single flat-fee monthly rate structure, edgeCARE eliminates the hassles and budgetary guesswork from managing and maintaining mission-critical data systems. We tailor a support plan that is customized to your environment to provide you the critical technical expertise you need to maximize up-time, and increase network stability and staff productivity.

edgeMED Managed Services

edgeMED offers an entire IT department at a fraction of the cost of a single network administrator. Imagine having the expertise of a full-time IT director to help you develop your IT strategy and make educated decisions, complemented by a network support team with technical expertise in every aspect of your environment – in addition to a dedicated Help Desk that provides unparalleled desktop support.

edgeMED’s edgeCARE managed network services provides all this – and more.

cloud monitoring


Like Having a Network Administrator at Your Office 24/7

edgeCARE proactive monitoring services makes your computing costs more predictable reliable, reduces risk to your data and IT assets, and frees up your resources so you can focus entirely on your core business activities.

  • Proactive maintenance, alerting, remediation & upkeep of your IT infrastructure.

  • Remote monitoring platform for servers, routers, switches, VPN devices, hubs, firewalls and complete environments.

antivirus protection


Security that Never Sleeps

Your medical organization requires the latest protection. And you need a cost-effective solution that is in the green on your time and resources.

  • Devices are protected against all known viruses and malware.

  • “Inoculation Guarantee” frees your computers of any virus that managed to penetrate the operating system and virus scanning barriers - at our expense.

managed services internet content filter and blocker


Eliminate Lost Productivity

Physician’s and office administrators know they're losing productivity when staff shop and social network on company time.

  • Block access to specific file types, websites or categories; or only allow specific sites to be accessed.

  • Create flexible time-based rules that limit access to non-work-related sites to specific times.

managed services cloud data protection


Peace-of-Mind Knowing Your Data is Safe

Protecting your critical data has never been easier. Our automated edgeCARE Cloud Backup and Recovery services will boost your productivity and reduce your time spent managing data loss and manually backing up data to a local, external device.

  • Backups are done quickly with little, if any, network disruption.

  • Restoring files is a snap and can be done remotely through a web-based dashboard.

  • Data is redundantly replicated throughout tier-4 data center locations with SAS-70, SOX & HIPAA compliant policies.

managed services data


IT Management Simplified

  • Customizable and branded reports allow us to verify system health and address any productivity concerns.

  • Reports can be scheduled for electronic delivery choosing from output formats including PDF, CSV, Excel, XML, TIFF and HTML.

managed services experts


Nothing We Can't Handle

  • Managed Hosting: Have your PM/EHR software or servers hosted with backup, redundancy, 24/7 accessibility and support.

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange: Hosted email, calendar and contacts on your PC, phone and web browser.