By John Verhovshek, MA, CPC, is Managing Editor @ AAPC

Your reception area is the first thing a patient will see when coming to the office. It should be inviting and clean, while also providing privacy and efficiency. Potential negatives in a reception area include:

  • Dirty counters, chairs, or carpet, which may give the impression that germs and diseases are all around.
  • Dog-eared reading material: Old, worn-out magazines give a perception of many hands on the magazine, and that order and cleanliness are not important.
  • Too close for comfort: A check in area right next to patient seating can be uncomfortable because patients provide confidential information at the time of check in.
  • Long lines: Only one check-in station at a large clinic can result in long wait times.
  • Poor upkeep: Dirty, damaged walls or chipped paint suggest unsanitary conditions and outdated facilities.
  • Too few distractions: A waiting room providing no form of entertainment encourages patients to focus on listening to other patients or staff conversations.

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