Pop Culture News from 2014


In 2014, Betty White was awarded the Guiness World Record for "Longest TV Career for an Entertainer (Female)", with a 1939 debut. 

"Dagobertducktaks" - the 2014 Dutch word of the year - is an extra tax for the super rich, named after Donald Duck's uncle Dagobert, known in English as Scrooge McDuck.

As of 2014 the USA ranked 25th worldwide in internet download speeds and 40th in upload speeds. Though this accounting varies daily, America's download speeds were never in the top 20 countries. 

Google became more valuable than Russia's entire stock market in December 2014. 

Original Top Model winner Adrianne Curry fended off an attacker with a bull whip while dressed as Catwoman at San Diego Comic Con

Mazda recalled 42,000 cars because the yellow sac spider would climb into the gas tank and form a web inside, blocking airflow. This was the second recall- the first was in 2011 for the exact same reason. 


Cheetos made a fragrance called Cheeteau in 2014 . 

In 2014 Hilton Worldwide sold the famous Waldorf Astoria New York hotel to a Chinese Insurance Company for just under $2 billion, with plans to turn the Art Deco landmark into luxury apartments. 

Superman would have entered public domain on 1 January 2014 if copyright terms in the United States had not been extended in the late 1990s. At this moment, 2033 is the next date to look for possiblechanges. 


Early one morning in St. Petersburg, Florida, a Starbucks drive-thru customer decided to pay for the next customer's order, which ignited an 11 hour long pay-it-forward chain that lasted from 7 a.m. and ended at 6 p.m. later that evening when customer No. 379 declined to participate. 

In 2014 the ALS Association received $100.9 million in donations compared to $2.8 million during the same period the year before thanks to the ice bucket challenge. 

ISTAT, the Italian government's National Institute of Statistics, won an "IG Nobel Prize" (a parody of the nobel prizes) in economics, for " including revenue from illegal drug sales, prostitution, smuggling, etc., in GDP reporting, in order to meet an EU regulatory mandate." 

Godzilla was only seen for about 8 minutes in the 2014 film Godzilla. 

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Taylor Swift accidentally released 8 seconds of white noise on iTunes for $1.29. It became #1 in Canada almost immediately before being removed. 

English YouTube star Zoella uploaded a picture to Instagram of a "random man & his dog" on the beach. The "random man" was Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. 

A Swiss Bank Deposit Vault containing 8 million five centime coins, or 400,000 Swiss francs was sold. It has been described as "the perfect gift for a real life Scrooge McDuck". 

In 2014, bots outnumbered humans on the internet for the first time in history, making up 60 percent of all web traffic. 


As of 2014 only two artists have had their first two singles reach #1 and #2 on the Billboard charts: The Beatles and Iggy Azalea. 

Molecular biologist James Watson put his Nobel Prize up for auction in 2014 due to financial hardships. It sold for $4.1 million, and was promptly returned to him by the buyer. 

Shavarsh Karapetyan who was a 17-time world champion finswimmer and heard that a bus crashed in the water. He went in the deep water and rescued 20 people from drowning. After 10 years he rescued more people from a burning hospital. He also carried the torch in the Winter Olympics of 2014. 

At the 2014 Kid's Choice Awards for Nickelodeon, nominees for "Favorite Book" included Harry Potter, which ended in 2007, and The Hobbit, which was published in 1937. 

In 2014 only 7 humans were killed by sharks while an estimated 63,000,000 sharks were killed by humans. 

111-year-old Alexander Imich was a survivor of both the Holocaust and the Soviet gulags. Mr. Imich also became the World's Oldest Living Man in 2014. 

United Passions opened in 10 US theatres on its three day opening weekend and only grossed $941, the lowest opening in US box office history. 

If all the K-cups sold in 2014 were laid end to end, they would circle the Earth at least 10 times. 

"The Simpsons Guy", the 2014 crossover between The Simpsons and Family Guy, was described by one critic as a "blight on humanity itself". 


During the Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl, Nat Geo Wild showed the "Fish Bowl", a 4 hour clip of a goldfish swimming in a bowl. 

Because the NFL owns and enforces the trademark for the term "Super Bowl," almost all ads and commercial uses will instead reference "The Big Game" or something similar. Stephen Colbert even used "The Supurb Owl" in 2014. 


A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO serial number 3851GT sold at Bonham's Quail Auction on August 14, 2014 for US $34,650,000.00 ($38,115,000.00 including buyers premium), breaking the record previously held by a 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196R race car

#1 SONG...

"Fancy," by Iggy Azalea Featuring Charli XCX, was the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 when you started on July 21, 2014. Click above to play video. 

Biggest Movies of 2014

1. American Sniper
2. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
3. Guardians of the Galaxy
4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
5. The LEGO Movie
6. The Hobbit: The Battle of the 5 Armies
7. Transformers: Age of Extinction
8. Maleficent
9. X-Men: Days of Future Past
10. Big Hero 6

Popular TV of 2014

1. Sunday Night Football (NBC)
2. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
4. NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)
5. Empire (FOX) 
6. Thursday Night Football (CBS)
7. Dancing With The Stars (ABC)
8. Criminal Minds (CBS)
9. Madam Secretary (CBS)
10. Scandal (ABC)